Club tasting meetup – review of championship beers


Hi beer fans, You are welcome to join us for a beer tasting event where we review some of the beers we entered in the home brew contest so we can learn how to improve our beers. I also have this nice mystery taste box from duvel where we can find out which triple hop […]

2016 Luxembourg Open Homebrew Championships: Awards Ceremony


Please join us at the first annual Luxembourg Open Homebrew Championships awards ceremony. The categories are Lager/Pils, I.P.A., Belgian Ale, Wheat Beer (minimum 50% wheat), and Porter / Stout. Entries will be judged by qualified BJCP judges and beer sommeliers. Registration is closed. All registered contestants will be sent full competition details, including rules, where to send your beers, deadlines, and contact information, […]

Beer of The Year Update


Hi everyone! Now that registrations are closed for the 2016 Luxembourg Open Homebrew Championships, here is an overview of the brews and brewers who will compete to have their beer crowned “Beer of the Year” and win the Championship Trophy for 2016: Number of entrants: 15 Number of Beers: 35 I.P.A.’s : 14 Belgian Ales: […]